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Grease Traps in Bloomington, IL by Pipeworks Inc.

Those of you in the food service industry know just how important it is that every piece of your commercial kitchen plumbing system is operating properly. You also know that not every bit of food waste or grease is going to be removed from every pot and pan before getting put into the sink or dishwasher. Because of this, the use of a grease trap in Bloomington, IL is an absolute necessity.

If you have an old grease trap that is damaged beyond repair, or if your commercial kitchen is just getting off the ground and you need your very first grease trap installed, make sure that ours is the number that you dial. Pipeworks Inc. employs some of the finest commercial plumbers in the industry, and we'll make sure that your commercial drain and sewer system is not laid to ruins due to a subpar performance from your grease trap.

Pipeworks Inc. provides grease trap services near Bloomington, IL and the surrounding areas.


Is a Grease Trap Really Necessary?

If you have been in a commercial kitchen setting for any real amount of time, then you undoubtedly realize just how vital a component of your commercial plumbing system a good grease trap really is. The grease trap is responsible for preventing the buildup of grease and fats from interfering with the operation of your drainage and sewer system. When these greases and fats congeal, they themselves can lead to blockages, and can rapidly trap solids that make it down the drain to further exacerbate the situation. By cooling the water going down the drain, separating the grease from the water itself, your grease trap will keep that grease from ever making it to the drainage system proper.

We Install and Replace Grease Traps

The grease trap may not be the most complicated piece of equipment in a commercial plumbing system, but it must still be installed by a skilled, trained professional if you hope for yours to function properly. This means that you must dial our number to schedule service. We’ll make sure that your grease trap is a good fit for your plumbing system, and that it is installed therein with the greatest of care. Should you have a grease trap that is no longer functioning as it ought to, you can also count on us to replace it with a compatible model.

Call for Grease Trap Service

As you can imagine, allowing too much grease to build up within your grease trap can lead to pretty serious issues. Having your grease trap cleaned out on a regular basis is imperative to keeping it as functional and reliable as possible. This is yet another service that we can help you with. Whatever it is that you need in order to get the performance that your grease trap has to offer, the plumbers on our staff are the ones that you want on your side. With our help, you’ll be able to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly so that you can focus on satisfying your clientele.

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