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Serving Bloomington, Champaign and surrounding areas

Make your pipes work, call Pipeworks!


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What Our Customers Say

So thankful for Pipeworks! You guys bailed us out of a problem and did great work! Very nice to work with!!!

- Ashley J.

Pipeworks is amazing! We've had them out twice, once on a Saturday and they couldn't have been better!

- Sarah H

I called Pipeworks at 6:30am and they had a plumber at my house in about an hour. I was impressed with their reaction time.

- Jwerderits

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Plumbing & Water Heater Company Serving Bloomington, IL and Surrounding Areas

Our expert team of plumbers in Bloomington know how vital the plumbing system inside your home or business is to your everyday life. Even in a smaller house with only a few residents, each person will use around 60–100 gallons of water per day, with an equal amount of waste water leaving through the drains and sewer system. Your plumbing must have quality service from professional plumbers to see that it remains dependable every day, and Pipeworks Inc. is the place you should call. We are a family-owned and operated plumbing company servicing Bloomington, IL and the surrounding areas. We offer flat-rate pricing and have 24/7 availability. Contact us today and ask about our Loyalty Club Plan and the many benefits it offers.

Whenever you need professional plumbers for your home or business in the greater Bloomington, IL area, call on Pipeworks Inc. and leave the rest to us!

Our Mission

Provide a professional and valued service to all our customers through quality workmanship, timely service and attention to detail. Get the job done right the 1st time with 100% satisfaction.

Serving Residential and Commercial Customers


The plumbing system for a home is extensive and complicated, containing large amounts of piping and numerous fixtures and appliances. It’s far beyond the ability of any amateur or “handyman” to adequately repair, maintain, or install plumbing. When you want plumbing work completed correctly, you must contact licensed and experienced plumbers who have the tools and the training necessary to see that the job is done right—and done right the first time. The plumbing work that our team provides covers everything you may need done for your home: new piping installation, leak detection and repair, complete bathroom and kitchen plumbing, sump pump installation and service, and much more.

Water Heaters

Modern life in a house simply isn’t possible without a water heater to help out with everyday tasks. Cooking, cleaning, and bathing all call for a reliable supply of hot water, ready whenever it’s needed. To meet your residential hot water requirements, our plumbers offer a complete range of services starting with new installation. We replace, maintain, and repair many different water heater types. When you call us to find out about a new installation, make sure to ask about our tankless and heat pump water heaters, which are an excellent alternative to the traditional storage tank water heaters.

Drain and Sewer

The freshwater that comes into your home is only half of its plumbing system. The other half, the drainage side that carries away wastewater safely and hygienically, is the side you probably think about much less. But it is vital that you have professionals handle any problems you may encounter with it. Our plumbers will take care of replacements and repairs for drain and sewer lines, as well as cleaning using advanced equipment such as hydro-jetters. They also install sewage pumps and provide pipeline inspections. Trust the drainage system in your home to our experts and you will rarely have to worry about it.

Commercial Services

It takes specially trained plumbers to deal with the extra level of complexity and the greater extent of plumbing in commercial buildings. However, you don’t have to look far for a commercial plumber to take care of your business: you are already at the right place! We provide commercial plumbing service, including backflow testing every year and city water surveys every two years. It doesn’t matter what type of plumbing your commercial space needs to keep servicing your employees and customers—new faucet and sink installations, toilet replacements, pipe leaks repaired, drains cleaned—you can count on Pipeworks Inc. for a job done right the first time.

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