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Plumbing Services in El Paso, IL

You should never entrust any work necessary to care for the plumbing system in your home or business to an amateur who lacks professional experience and licensing. And you should certainly not attempt the work yourself! Take the easier route and simply call Pipeworks Inc.. We have the skilled plumbers who can tackle any plumbing job – from emergency plumbing repairs to garbage disposals – you may need in El Paso, IL. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and speedy work, plus we offer flat–rate pricing with no overtime charges and are available for 24 hour plumbing services as well.

Whatever your residential or commercial plumbing needs in El Paso, IL, place your trust in us!

Comprehensive Plumbing Service from Skilled Plumbers

There are many kinds of plumbing jobs, ranging from small tasks like stopping a toilet from running continually to large jobs involving extensive repiping throughout a house. Regardless of the size of the job, Pipeworks Inc. will get it done, fast and right the first time. You only need to reach out to us in El Paso, IL to arrange for superb service for your home’s plum bing. We offer emergency plumbing 24/7 because we understand that leaks and clogs can strike any time of the day or night.

We Offer Complete Bathroom Plumbing in the Area

The majority of plumbing work is centered on bathrooms because they contain more fixtures and use more water than any other room in the house. Are you considering putting in a new bathtub, or replacing the bath with a shower? Do you suspect the toilet is leaking? Is the sink clogged? No matter what installation you want or repair you need, we can take care of it.

Sump Pumps: Installation, Repair, and Replacement

A common installation for homes in the area is the sump pump, which is designed to remove excess water from the basement or other lower areas of a building. Call us to find out more about installing a sump pump. Along with setting up homes for sump pumps, we also provide any repair or replacement work that they may need to continue to operate.

We Offer Drain & Sewer Cleaning and Other Services

The wastewater half of your home’s plumbing, which includes the drains, drainpipes, and sewer line, is as vital as the freshwater half. It requires special care from professionals when it comes to new installation and repairs, and Pipeworks Inc. has the plumbers for the job in El Paso, IL. We also offer comprehensive drain cleaning and pipeline inspections using the latest technology. We will see that your home’s drainage system continues working for you so you won’t have to worry about it often.

Hydro Jetting Provides the Drain and Sewer Cleaning You Need

To properly clean out a drain requires equipment unavailable to consumers. The principal tool of the professional drain and sewer cleaner is the hydro–jetter, which places water under immense pressure and then blasts the water out in streams against the interior of the pipe to scour away debris and build–up. Call us to arrange for thorough drain and sewer line cleaning with the power of hydro–jetting.

Looking for a New Water Heater or Service for Water Heaters?

Then you’re at the right place! Pipeworks Inc. installs, replaces, repairs, and maintains a variety of water heater types for homes in El Paso, IL. We handle these jobs with the same professionalism and detail as our other plumbing jobs because we know how important water heaters are for so many daily household routines. In addition to the conventional storage tank water heaters that many home have, we also install and service energy–efficient models such as tankless and heat pump water heaters.

We Do Commercial Plumbing Too!

If you’re a business owner in El Paso, IL, you can’t afford to let your commercial building’s plumbing start to degrade and fail. It would be a disaster for your customers, clients, employees, etc. But you cannot turn to just a handyman or other nonprofessional service to provide solutions to your plumbing issues. Pipeworks Inc. has the commercial plumbing experience and the trained plumbers necessary to see that you receive the installations, repairs, backflow testing, city water surveys, or other plumbing work you require.