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Plumbing, Drain Cleaning & Water Heater Services in Champaign, IL

Need an expert Champaign, IL plumber? Pipeworks Inc. is proud to offer residents of Champaign plumbing services, drain cleaning services, and more. You should only have to dial one number to get the services that you need - be it residential OR commercial plumbing. When you schedule your services with Pipeworks Inc., you can count on a job well-done the first time, every time.

When you dial our number, you are guaranteed to work with a professional, experienced plumber that you can trust. We’ll even send a photo of the plumber that you’ll be working with over before he or she comes knocking at your door. From emergency repairs to routine maintenance, our plumbing services are truly comprehensive.

We Can Handle All of Your Champaign, IL Plumbing Needs!

A good plumber is going to be able to handle pretty much anything that your system can throw at him or her. A great plumber, on the other hand, can complete any plumbing service that you may need successfully. That’s what you can expect when you work with our expert team of Champaign IL plumbers.

We can test your backflow prevention system to guarantee that everything is functioning properly. We are at your beck and call for plumbing emergencies. Gas line services, water leak detection, piping and repiping - you name it.

Leave Your Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing to Us

When you think of the plumbing in your home, the kitchen and the bathroom are probably the first two rooms that spring to mind. This makes a lot of sense, as the plumbing in these rooms is quite extensive and largely hands-on. Any issues with these fixtures or the system at large must be resolved promptly.

It should go without saying that no kitchen or bathroom plumbing services should be left to unqualified individuals. From fixture replacements to drain cleaning and toilet repairs, the plumbers on our staff are trained and equipped to handle any kitchen and/or bathroom plumbing job you may require. We’ll make sure that you are able to use these systems confidently.

We Install and Service Sump Pumps

Using a sump pump in Champaign, IL is definitely a good idea. Whether from heavy rains or rapid snowmelt, flooding is a serious concern. The last thing that you want is to enter the lowest level of your home, only to find a stagnant pool of water waiting for you.

The installation of a sump pump requires some minor excavation, if there is no sump pit in place. You also need to know that your sump pump is not oversized, but that it is powerful enough to get the job done. Our Champaign, IL plumbers will make all of these considerations to guarantee that your sump pump is there for you when you need it most.

Drain and Sewer Services

The pipes that bring water into your home and distribute throughout the house are incredibly important. So too are those pipes that drain that water out of your home and away from your property, though. You’ll learn that lesson quickly if anything should go wrong with your drain and sewer system in Champaign, IL.

Schedule professional drain and sewer services with our plumbers to limit the chances of such problems developing. We clean sewer lines, clean drains, complete thorough pipeline inspections, and more. This system is too important to overlook.

Hydro Jetting Services

When it comes to maintaining your sewer line, you have two options: clearing, or cleaning. There are situations in which clearing the line with a power auger may be sufficient. In truth, though, nothing beats cleaning the sewer line with hydro jetting equipment.

Hydro jetting uses only pressurized water in the cleaning process, meaning that it is eco-friendly and won’t contaminate your property with chemicals. It can damage your pipes if not completed properly, though. Trust our technicians to complete your hydro jetting service with the utmost care.

We Offer Many Types of Water Heaters

If you think that your only water heater option is the traditional upright tank model, think again. Tank water heaters remain very popular, obviously. There are different systems with different benefits to consider, though.

Heat pump water heaters use the heat in the air surrounding them when heating water, along with a refrigerant cycle. Tankless water heaters boost efficiency by eliminating the need for a tank, and standby energy loss in the process. Call now to discuss your water heater options.

Commercial Plumbing Services

While the plumbing system in your home is likely more extensive than you may realize, it surely pales in comparison to the average commercial plumbing system. Commercial plumbing systems and fixtures are face with much high usage demands. These systems require the services of commercial plumbers.

From grease trap installations to commercial backflow prevention services, we do it all. Don’t let a malfunctioning commercial plumbing system bring your business grinding to a halt. 

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