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Gas Lines in Bloomington, IL by Pipeworks Inc.

Do you have a natural gas line connection to your home? How many appliances do you run with this energy source? If you would like to make even better use of clean-burning natural gas, then you should contact a professional plumber who can work with gas lines to help you put in the new pipes to carry gas to other parts of your home. Should you ever run into a situation where you need gas lines repaired or replaced, get on the phone right away with a licensed technician. Our plumbers at Pipeworks Inc. are licensed and skilled at handling any gas line work you may require in the Bloomington area.

The plumbers at Pipeworks Inc. offer installation, repairs, and other services for gas lines in Bloomington, IL and the surrounding areas.


Why You May Want to Install New Gas Lines for Your Home

If your home receives natural gas from a municipal source, you should maximize its use as much as possible. Although the price of natural gas varies from place to place, it’s usually a less expensive energy source than electricity. Running a furnace or boiler from natural gas is an excellent way to save on your heating bills. If you only have one or two appliances in your house that run on natural gas, arranging for new gas line installation will help expand it to other appliances. For example, you can power an oven and range in the kitchen, which is not only more economical than using electricity, it makes cooking easier and faster as well. Another option to consider is switching over to gas–powered laundry machine that will dry your clothes much quicker. Talk to our specialists and find out more about extending your gas lines.

Gas Line Repairs and Replacements Are for Professionals Only

Gas line damage and leaks are a serious issue. If you have your carbon monoxide detectors go off or notice other indications of a gas leak, you must call for plumbing professionals familiar with gas lines as soon as possible. They can take care of replacing the gas pipes or providing the repairs that will stop the leak of natural gas.

By no means should you undertake these repairs/replacements yourself or entrust the job to someone who lacks proper training and licensing. In fact, it is probably illegal in your jurisdiction for anyone without a license to work on any gas line connected to a main. There’s a good reason for this restriction: the danger of combustion and exposure to toxic gas is too high. When you call on licensed professionals, you can be assured that your household will be kept safe. Don’t take any chances!

If You Are Looking for Gas Line Service, Call Pipeworks Inc.

We want you to have a home that’s both convenient and saves energy, and that’s why we recommend expanding your use of natural gas. Our plumbers are licensed to install, repair, and replace residential gas lines, so all you have to do is call Pipeworks Inc. to arrange for the work you need in Bloomington, IL. We offer flat–rate pricing with no hourly rate or overtime charges, and we can deal with emergency plumbing services any time of the day or night.

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