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Garbage Disposal Services in Bloomington, IL

The garbage disposal was invented in 1927, and it's quite a shame that this useful device did not actually reach the market until 1940. Although there were at first some municipal issues (they were banned in New York City for years because of worries about the sewage system), garbage disposals soon became a basic part of home kitchen life. If you’ve lived in a home with a disposal, it’s probably difficult to imagine daily routines for cooking and cleaning without one.

As one of the basic components of plumbing in a kitchen, the garbage disposal is part of the many plumbing services we offer at Pipeworks Inc.. It’s important that you don’t try to install or fix a disposal yourself. It’s not only hazardous, it can lead to damage to your sink if done incorrectly. You have a great resource right here in Bloomington, IL: simply contact our us no matter what plumbing service you need done to have an excellent working garbage disposal.

If you need repairs, replacement, or new installation for a garbage disposal in Bloomington, IL or the surroundings areas, call Pipeworks Inc..


The Benefits of a Garbage Disposal Installation

On the basic level, a garbage disposal simply makes working in the kitchen much easier. Instead of scraping away food waste into a composting bucket and removing it to an outside receptacle, you can send the waste down through the disposal and into the drainage system. Cleanup is so much simpler.

But there are other benefits of a garbage disposal that you may not have considered. For example, you are doing the drainpipes in your home a huge favor with a disposal, because it grinds up food particles to make it easier to move them through the pipes. Without a disposal, food waste would threaten to create build–up in the drain. And disposals help the environment as well, since they keep a large amount of waste out of the landfill, instead sending it to a wastewater treatment plant, where the water can be recycled as gray water for agricultural use.

Only Call Professionals for Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Although garbage disposals are built for durability, they can still suffer damage from items that go down them that aren’t supposed to (such as oils, bones, gristly food, and non–organic waste). And any disposal will eventually wear down until it reaches the point where it cannot do its job correctly any more. Don’t try to fix the disposal on your own, or try to replace it yourself. Our plumbers will see that you either have the necessary repairs completed, or else we will locate the right type of model to replace it and have it in place quickly.

Contact Us for All Your Garbage Disposal Needs

Whether you want the first garbage disposal for a home, or you just need a fast fix to get that current one grinding once more, you can rely on Pipeworks Inc.. We service kitchen plumbing in Bloomington, IL and offer 24–hour emergency work. We want you to have the best working kitchen plumbing possible, and our plumbers can do the job necessary to see it happen.

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