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Sewage Pumps in Bloomington, IL by Pipeworks Inc.

Modern plumbing systems afford us a lot of luxuries and comfort. Surely one of the greatest benefits of the modern plumbing system is the ability to use the facilities and to flush a toilet in order to dispose of waste in a clean, hygienic, and convenient manner. Needless to say, any problems with one’s plumbing system that make doing so impossible are of serious concern.

While buildings are typically designed in a manner so as to utilize gravity in order to facilitate the disposal of waste through the sewer system, this is not always the case. If your system is set up in such a manner that some additional help is needed, then contact a member of the Pipeworks Inc. staff today. We install and service sewage pumps in Bloomington, IL. When we install and service yours, you can count on it performing properly.

Pipeworks Inc. provides sewage pump services near Bloomington, IL and the surrounding areas.


What Is a Sewage Pump?

Ideally, your property and plumbing system will be situated so that the force of gravity is enough to pull waste from your toilet(s) down through your sewer line and out to the municipal sewer system or to a septic tank. If your sewer or septic system is uphill from your facilities, though, this obviously complicates matters. A sewage pump is a pump that is designed to help move waste along the path that it must take in order to reach its final destination. These pumps are installed at the lowest point of a sewage basin, typically, and will usually be submerged. They are in contact with fluids nearly constantly, and must be expertly installed if they are to function properly.

We Install and Replace Sewage Pumps

The installation of a sewage pump is not the type of job that you can complete for yourself over the course of a weekend. You absolutely must hire a skilled, professional plumber if you hope for your sewage pump to operate precisely as it ought to and, believe us, you really want it to function properly. Dial our number to learn about the different types of sewage pumps available, and rest assured in knowing that we’ll install an appropriate make and model on your property.

If you have a sewage pump that you know is very old, or if you’re having issues with frequent backups due to an ineffectual sewage pump, we can help you out with that as well. We’ll get your old sewage pump out of there, and replace it with a newer, more effective model. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think that your sewage pump is no longer up to task.

Schedule Prompt Sewage Pump Repairs

Do you smell the unmistakable odor of sewage on your property? Is your toilet failing to flush, or even overflowing? Whatever the cause of the issue may be, you need to have the situation assessed by a trained professional as soon as possible. These problems could well be the result of a malfunctioning sewage pump. When your sewage pump fails to operate properly, your property is at risk of damage, and you may encounter a very unpleasant, very unhygienic scenario. At the first sign of trouble, contact us to schedule sewage pump repairs.

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