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Backflow Prevention in Bloomington, IL by Pipeworks Inc.

The plumbing in a home can be thought of as falling into two broad sections. The freshwater side consists of the water line that brings in fresh, potable water to your home and all the pipes that carry that fresh water to fixtures and appliances. The wastewater side consists of the drains and toilets plus the sewer line that removes all the liquid and solid waste into the municipal sewer system. These two sides of a home’s plumbing must not co-mingle. To make sure that this does not happen, residential plumbing contains a special backflow prevention device.

Your home almost certainly has a backflow preventer already in place. But is it working the way it should? To find out, and to take care of replacement and repair jobs for it when necessary, you must call on professional plumbers who are specially licensed for this work. Contact Pipeworks Inc. and we will be glad to take care of any backflow issues you have at your home.

The plumbers at Pipeworks Inc. offer backflow prevention services for homes in Bloomington, IL and the surrounding areas.


Why Backflow Prevention Is Necessary

How can the wastewater portion of your plumbing system end up contaminating the freshwater side? The reason this might happen is a large change in pressure on either side of the plumbing system. A sudden drop in the pressure on the freshwater side will create suction that will pull wastewater into the freshwater pipes. This can be triggered by issues that are outside of your control, such as the fire department putting a massive drain on the local freshwater pipes. A rise in pressure from the municipal sewer system can also push contaminant–filled water into the freshwater side.

If this happens, you’ll have drinking water filled with harmful bacteria and other pollutants. But the backflow preventer will stop this through a valve system. The device is designed to allow water to only move one direction—from freshwater to wastewater—and any attempt to flow the opposite direction will cause the valve to close, keeping the freshwater safe.

Schedule Backflow Testing

A backflow preventer, like any mechanical device, can malfunction and become ineffective. Sometimes it can be repaired, and at other times needs to be replaced. In order to find out if your backflow prevention device is working the way it should, you must schedule routine testing for it. Not just any plumber can provide this service: the plumbers must have special backflow test certification. We have the certified plumbers on staff to do this job. If your backflow preventer doesn’t pass the test, you can rely on us to service it or replace it and keep your household safe.

Contact Us for Backflow Prevention Devices and Services

Few parts of your plumbing are more important than the backflow preventer, as it protects your household from potentially dangerous water contamination. When you call on Pipeworks Inc., you can have all the services you may need for your backflow prevention devices cared for, whether you require a routine testing, a repair, or a complete replacement. Our plumbers are backflow test–certified and ready to answer your call in the Bloomington, IL area.

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