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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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What Is an Anode Rod?

People always grumble when they find out their car’s oil needs to be changed. “Why can’t there be oil that never has to be changed?” While we understand the sentiment, there are sometimes materials in our world that are meant to be sacrificed by their mechanical counterparts. This holds true for an anode rod in your water heater.

The anode rod is a vital part of your water heating system, and it’s responsible for attracting the corrosion that would normally cause the system to break down. All of the calcium, magnesium, and other minerals in your water will start to break down your water heater and gunk it up without the protection of an anode rod.

If anyone has been experiencing issues with water heaters in Champaign, IL, it could be due to a corroded anode rod that needs to be replaced. Let us explain!

How Does It Work?

That’s a good question! The corrosion of a water heater is not just magic, it’s a scientific process that human beings have been trying to circumvent for thousands of years. Our water sources contain naturally occurring minerals that are perfectly healthy to drink and use. That being said, those minerals that make our water hard water, can be devastating for pipes and machines like water heaters. They will cause the metal to break down and will settle to the bottom of the tank or pipe, causing issues with pressure readings and overall less hot water.

An anode rod will help mitigate this damage and keep your water heater in pristine condition. It’s a steel core wire with magnesium, aluminum, or zinc wrapped around it. It will succumb to corrosion before any other part of your water heater does, as it delivers electronics into the water tank. These electrons then prevent corrosion over time. Basically, it’s a temporary solution that keeps your water heater in good shape by sacrificing the material of your anode rod.

Why Does It Need to Be Replaced?

An anode rod is a sacrificial component of your water heater. Since it corrodes much faster than the lining of your water heater, it needs to be replaced by a new one before it becomes obsolete than the system itself starts to corrode. Just like the oil in your car that needs to be changed out, you’re going to run into some serious problems if you forgo anode rod replacement.

Do You Need Anode Rod Replacement?

Are you experiencing problems with a corroded water heater? Perhaps you’re getting rust-colored water when you run the sink, or you’re dealing with leaks that are stemming from your water heater? These are all signs that there’s corrosion taking place in the system. This type of problem could be mitigated by having the anode rod replaced.

You won’t know for certain until a trained plumber takes a look at your water heater. The expert master plumbers on our team have the know-how and ability to check the status of your system and perform an anode rod replacement if that’s the next necessary step to fixing it.

Call the professionals at Pipeworks Inc. for an anode rod replacement.

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