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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Here’s Why Poor Pressure Is a Problem

Your home is struggling with a water pressure problem. That’s a huge bummer. And before you close out of this window and pretend like water pressure isn’t a problem and that you’ll be fine, we want to be more positive.

Water pressure problems can be easy to alleviate with the right team on hand. Whether it’s a plumbing problem that’s related to your main water line, or if it’s something to do with a leak in your water heater in Normal, IL, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

This blog post is aimed at two goals. First, we’d like to talk about why low water pressure can pose a problem for you and your family, aside from the fact that it doesn’t feel as good. Second, we’d like to show you a few ways to discern where the problem is coming from. Well, let’s get to it!

Reasons to Fix Your Water Pressure

Water pressure is not just an inconvenience, it can be detrimental to your life in a variety of ways. Here are just a few simple reasons to invest in your home’s plumbing system or water heater to ensure that water pressure is flowing as normal.

  • Things take more time. While use different degrees of measurement in our lives (money, square footage, temperature), nothing is more important than the measurement of time. The longer it takes you to shower, wash dishes, or simply drink a glass of water, the more you’re missing out on the rest of your life. Low water pressure takes time away from your life and adds a frustrating experience.
  • It’s less hygienic. Higher water pressure makes it easier to wash things, which adds to the hygienic nature of your home. The less water pressure you have, the less likely you are to spend all that time washing things the right way.
  • It might be costing you more. Low water pressure is usually a sign of a leak, and it’s not natural. The longer homeowners go on ignoring their water pressure concerns, the longer they might be letting a leak go on.
  • Things will be more frustrating. We don’t have to explain to you how frustrating it is to have low water pressure. Improve your water pressure to improve your life!

Is It Your Water Heater or Your Plumbing System?

This is an interesting question. Water pressure problems can occur from numerous sources, and it’s important that it gets evaluated by a professional.

The good news is that a water heater problem can usually be easy to locate. Take a walk around your water heater and note anything of the following nature:

  • It’s making a strange noise.
  • It’s turning off regularly.
  • It’s leaking constantly.
  • It’s not running as efficiently as it used to.

If one of these issues is affecting your water heater, your poor water pressure problem could also be sourced at your heater. Regardless of where you think the problem is originating from, be sure to call a professional to have the issue fixed correctly.

Call Pipeworks Inc. to have your home’s water pressure put back to where it should be.

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