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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Efficient Water Heating: Tank and Heat Pump Systems

Hot water is not something that you can do without in your home. Every time you wash the dishes, do your laundry, or take a hot, relaxing shower on a winter day, you are depending upon your water heater in Bloomington, IL. To guarantee that your water heater is there for you when you need it, you need both a great system and great services.

Of course, you aren’t really going to be totally satisfied with a water heater that costs too much to run, even if it is working reliably. Fortunately for homeowners today, there are some truly exceptional options when it comes to water heater efficiency. The tankless water heater and the heat pump water heater are two such examples.

We’ve written recently about the benefits of using a tankless water heater. These systems are fairly expensive, but can repay the initial investment over the years in the form of energy savings. No standby energy loss occurs, because there is no storage tank through which heat may transfer. Compact and long-lasting, the tankless water heater is definitely an option for any homeowner to consider if efficiency is a goal.

The heat pump water heater may be even more unique than the tankless water heater. A heat pump water heater more resembles a traditional upright tank water heater, as it does store hot water. Its operation is far from traditional, though.

Just as a heat pump can use existing heat in the air outside in order to heat the interior of a home, a heat pump water heater can use heat in the air surrounding it in order to heat water for use throughout the house. This is made possible by the evaporation of refrigerant, the compression of the warmed refrigerant, and the transfer of its thermal energy to the water in the tank.

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