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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Don’t Overwork Your Water Heater This Holiday Season

This is an important topic to cover during this time of year because a lot of families travel and stay at each other’s homes for the holidays. This is a great idea since it means the whole family can get together, the kids can all play, and people can enjoy one of the most important things about the holidays–togetherness!

However, having more people in your home for an extended period of time also means that your plumbing system will encounter a higher amount of stress due to the increased demand. We’re not just talking about toilets and sinks, we’re talking about your water heater! Water heaters in Normal, IL can fall into disrepair when they’re pushed to their limit as multiple people take showers in a row while others start running appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines.

This blog post will go into some of the things that can happen to a stressed water heater, as well as some solutions that homeowners can take advantage of to curtail these events.

More Family Means More Hot Water

If you think that you can still use the same amount of hot water with more family staying at your house, that’s just an unrealistic thing to consider. We’re not just talking about showers and baths, we’re also talking about laundry, dishes, washing hands in the sink, and even additional uses of water like humidifiers. People require hot water to live their lives comfortably, and once homeowners understand that, it gets easier to tackle some of the problems that come with more people in their home.

Best Practices for Your Home’s Water Heater

To start, let’s talk about some best practices that can help ease your water heater into the holiday season. These won’t magically add hot water to your home, but they’ll make it easier to use hot water for the things you want, rather than running out and needing to wait for it to heat up again when you need it the most.

Limit Showering Time

If you’ve got family coming from out of state, then you might want to consider that they’ll want to use your shower or bath to clean up. This is perfectly normal, but depending on how many folks you’ll have staying with you, you might want to consider limiting the showering or bathing times so that there’s enough hot water for everyone. This is especially important if you’re going to be cooking at the same time, or if your family is going to take showers in quick succession.

Stagger your Hot Water-Utilizing Appliances

Try planning ahead to use hot water in specific ways. For instance, perhaps in the morning your family can wash up and use the hot water for bathing and laundry, so that the afternoon and evening can be reserved for hot water in the kitchen. This can help ensure that nobody has to wait for hot water.

Invest in Maintenance or Upgrade Your System Early

Maintenance is a great option for people who want a professional to take a look at their water heater before family arrives. We’ll let you know if it’s ready to handle the additional strain. Or, take a look at our tankless water heating systems that heat water as it enters your home so it’s available immediately and in larger quantities than a tank system might have.

Pipeworks Inc. can be your go-to team for hot water system repairs and maintenance. Contact us today!

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