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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Your Friendly Reminder to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

People always call us after they’ve used chemical drain cleaners to unclog their slow drains, panicking because the cleaners have somehow made the problems worse. Hopefully, with this blog post, we can address this issue before you’ve gone out and wasted your money on something that could mess up your pipes. Store-bought, chemical drain cleaners are volatile liquids that are made of some of the most toxic materials we have access to. They create irritating fumes that can sting your nose and eyes, destroy the environment that they are eventually dumped into, and irreversibly damage your pipes.

Worst of all, oftentimes these drain cleaners, for all their negative qualities, don’t even get the job done. You see, nothing works quite like a plumber in Normal, IL when you’re experiencing drain clogs. Processes from hydro-jetting to video camera pipe inspection give us the tools necessary to get the job done without harming you, your plumbing, or the environment.

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What Proper Plumbing Looks Like

Pipes are not as indestructible as many homeowners would like to believe. Using a drain snake to fish out whatever ends up clogging your drain is one solution, but the more you take a turn towards chemicals and other serious ways of fixing a drain clog, you could end up damaging your pipes which is an entirely new and more expensive problem than a clog. There are a multitude of problems that can come from chemical drain cleaners that we’d like to warn you about before you head towards the store.

Toxic Fumes

As we mentioned earlier, some of the chemicals in these drain cleaners are incredibly volatile. They expel fumes that stay in your bathroom or kitchen long after they’ve gone down the drain. These fumes can be incredibly irritating to your eyes and nose, while having a particularly unpleasant odor.

The Corrosion of Your Pipes

The worst part about chemical drain cleaners is that they can damage your pipes. Most chemical cleaners contain hydrochloric acid which will eat away at pretty much anything it comes in contact with. This chemical combination will eat away at the lining of your pipes and eventually at the pipes themselves. Drain cleaners often sit in your pipes for a long period of time while they dissolve the clogged material, so they’ll spend a lot of time damaging your plumbing system.

It can also damage your skin and eyes if you come in contact with the chemical itself.

Terrible for the Environment

These chemicals will eventually drain from your home plumbing system and enter the ecosystem where their harmful qualities will kill countless animals and foliage.

Poor Satisfaction

Many times, these chemical cleaners don’t even work. They’re definitely a solution to your drain problems, but they are far from the best solution in that case. If you’re still wondering what the best solution is for a pipe issue that you can’t seem to fix with a drain snake, it’s to contact a reliable plumber. Plumbers have years of experience and the necessary equipment to unclog drains and remove whatever is causing the problem without destroying your pipe like a chemical drain cleaner.

Avoid volatile drain cleaner formulas, and contact Pipeworks Inc. for dependable plumbing service.

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