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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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You Need Grease Traps in Your Commercial Kitchen

Have you ever played host to the entire family for a big holiday dinner? If so, you may have noticed that, after washing all of the dishes or simply rinsing them off before loading the dishwasher, your drain was moving slowly at the end of the night. This may have been due to bits of food and grease/fats that made it past the drain cover.

Now, just imagine how much more of this waste there is to deal with in a commercial kitchen. That is why you must equip your commercial kitchen’s drainage system with a grease trap in Bloomington, IL. Dial our number to schedule professional grease trap services.

What Does the Grease Trap Do?

If you have any knowledge of a septic system, you have a basic understanding of how a grease trap works. Rather than deal with the waste and wastewater coming from your toilet and all the drains in your home, though, a grease trap works only with the drains feeding directly into it. The function is much the same, however, as the grease trap serves to collect fats, oil, and grease, as well as food solids, while allowing the wastewater passage to your sewer line.

The fats, oil, and grease, or FOG, are slightly lightly than water, so they float to the top of the trap. The solid food particles are heavier, and they sink to the bottom, much like the sludge layer in a septic system. The wastewater, once free of these materials, is filtered out of the grease trap, leaving everything else behind. This helps to prevent clogs formed by the buildup of grease and the deposits of solid food waste.

Just as a septic system must be pumped out on a predetermined schedule, so too must a grease trap be emptied. This is a job that only a professional can handle. You really don’t want to deal with a backed up or overflowing grease trap, as the odor it will emit is distinctive, to put it mildly. This is especially problematic when you have customers in your establishment.

Avoid problems with your commercial drains by scheduling your grease trap services with Pipeworks Inc.


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