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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Worried About Your Bathroom Plumbing? Take the Following Steps

Drain-SnakingIf you’re anything like the average homeowner, you probably spend a lot of time in your bathroom over the course of a year. After all, it’s the room that contains a lot of plumbing appliances integral to your daily routine. It’s in your best interests to keep those appliances in the best possible shape over the years, so that you can continue relying on them on a daily basis. Follow the tips below to make sure that your bathroom plumbing appliances stay in the best possible shape.

Schedule Inspection and Maintenance Services

This one honestly applies to your entire plumbing system. Most plumbing issues can be really difficult to detect outside of professional plumbing inspections. That means that if you are noticing a symptom that your plumbing system is in trouble, it’s probably been struggling with the problem for a while. You don’t want to pay higher repair costs for a problem that you noticed too late, which is why you should schedule professional plumbing maintenance appointments at least once a year.

During an inspection and maintenance appointment, your plumber will closely examine your system for any signs of trouble. Potential issues can then be dealt with before they get any worse. This reduces the odds of a serious issue affecting your plumbing system, and can increase the operating efficiency of the system by a substantial amount. This is the single best way that you can make sure that your bathroom plumbing appliances stay in good condition.

Don’t Use Store Bought Drain Cleaners!

When a drain in the house clogs, most people tend to reach for the bottle of whatever store bought drain cleaner they’ve got lurking under the sink. If you want to keep your bathroom drains (and the other drains in your house) in good condition, though, you should avoid using those kinds of cleaners whenever possible. While store bought drain cleaners are typically quite effective, they tend to accomplish it by using incredibly corrosive substances. These substances are just as bad for your pipes as they are for the clog, and will corrode them over time. If you want to avoid having to repair or replace your bathroom pipes years early, you should call for professional drain cleaning services each time you notice an intractable clog forming in your pipes.

Know When to Call for Repairs

Even with regular maintenance, there is still a chance that a problem of some kind will crop up in the time between appointments. You should know what to look for when it comes to symptoms of various problems, so that you can call for repairs as quickly as possible. Possible signs that your bathroom plumbing system is dealing with some sort of problem include:

  • Falling water pressure
  • Visible leaks or corrosion
  • Water damage
  • Mold
  • Visible lime scale

If you notice any one of these symptoms, or any other sign that makes you suspect a problem with your bathroom plumbing, call for repairs as soon as possible.

Pipeworks Inc. provides a full range of bathroom plumbing services in Normal, IL. If you need help with your bathroom plumbing, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional plumbers.

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