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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Why You Need a Professional to Install Your Faucet

Plumbing appliances can be deceptively simple. A sink is like a small tub to drain wastewater while a faucet sprays the freshwater from the top, but it’s just not as simple as it sounds. The water needs to be able to drain out of your sink, the faucet needs to have complete access to your main water line without dripping or leaking, and the sink needs to be aesthetically pleasing in your home. Any fault in one of these categories could lead to some pretty serious results.

Whether you’re looking to make your home as nice as possible or you’re trying to up the overall resale value of your house, a new sink is going to need professional attention. This blog post is devoted to describing several reasons why faucet installation in Bloomington, IL is a service reserved for professional plumbers.

Avoiding Leaks Is Priority Number One

Faucet leaks are tricky to deal with. They usually happen in your kitchen or bathroom, which is where you might spend a lot of your time. This means they need to be addressed quickly and effectively, otherwise, you could see rising costs in other areas of your life (like driving to use a different bathroom, or purchasing takeout because you can’t cook anything in your kitchen).

The most important priority for professional faucet installation is getting it set up right to avoid leaks. If it starts leaking when it’s put together, then something needs to be tightened, patched, or the pipe itself isn’t the right size or material. This happens often in DIY or amateur faucet installation, but it is extremely rare in professional installations.

Choosing the Right Size and Style

Faucets aren’t just an important technical part of your kitchen or bathroom. They’re also a center point of the rooms in your home. For instance, a clean-looking faucet in the kitchen implies that people won’t get sick when they eat your food or dine in your beautiful kitchen. Or, a faucet with dark materials in your bathroom might show a mess of toothpaste or soap easier so you can clean it quickly.

The aesthetics of your sink matter, and it’s important that you get to choose from a wide selection of sink types and materials. This is rarely ever done with DIY installation, since you’ll likely be only installing a faucet that you can afford and that is easiest to install. With professional installation, it doesn’t really matter how complicated the installation would be, all that matters is the price tag and the look of the sink!

Repairs, Clogs, and Other Avoidable Issues

The least understood but most important reason to invest in professional faucet installation is to avoid repairs, clogs, and other serious issues. These are simply more common in sinks or faucets that are installed by a homeowner or an amateur. It’s exceedingly rare for a professionally installed faucet to immediately start leaking, or even leak at all during its lifespan.

Make a great decision today by investing in faucet installation with Pipeworks Inc.

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