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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Why Is PVC Better for Your Sink Drain?

As your local plumbing professional, we need to be able to explain things to our customers about plumbing systems. This includes basic information about the plumbing materials we use, primarily PVC when it comes to sink plumbing in Lexington, IL.

The only sinks you see these days with galvanized steel or even lead drain pipes are old and haven’t been worked on in decades. Galvanized steel is way too expensive and just doesn’t have the same unique perks that PVC piping does.

Want to know what some of those perks are? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you keep reading, we’ll get into just why this pipe material is preferred by so many plumbing professionals these days, and why when you open up any sink cabinet in America, you’re likely to find this hard plastic material instead of steel or copper.

Let’s discuss PVC and why it’s the prime candidate for sink drains.

PVC Is an Affordable Material

First things first, the majority of people invest in PVC for their drains because of how affordable it is. It’s going to be a fraction of the cost that a copper pipe might be, and it will still last you for ten years or more.

This is because PVC is a type of high-strength, flexible plastic that is molded to be lightweight. It’s waterproof, durable, and because it doesn’t require any mined metals, it really is much more affordable to source than other materials. This will likely be one of your biggest considerations when investing in a new sink drain, or replacing an old one.

Also, because PVC is such an affordable material, this means you can finally afford to pay for professional plumbing services to have a licensed pro install the pipe correctly.

Flexibility and Strength

There are two important things that are required when you invest in a new drain pipe–strength and flexibility.

Flexibility is important because there will be micro-movements as the drain is used over time. A plumbing material that can’t handle the strain of being slightly moved around is going to crumble and break over time. PVC is flexible enough to withstand slight movements in your plumbing system while still remaining airtight.

Strength is vital because it’s what allows a drain pipe to last for so long. A plumbing pipe that’s made out of a cheaper, less durable material is going to break down after just a few uses or even a few years. A PVC pipe will last for a decade on average.

All Different Shapes and Sizes

Because PVC piping is so easy to manufacture, they come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend investing in a professional plumber to have your drain pipe replaced or installed, but you can easily purchase standardized components for a cheaper cost than other pipe materials. Even if you’ve got a peculiarly sized drain, you can still find a PVC pipe that will fit it.

We can’t stress this enough–homeowners all around the world default to using PVC piping for their home drains. They’re easy to manufacture, simple enough to find, and they’re always going to be more affordable than other materials.

To invest in a new drain pipe, contact Pipeworks Inc.

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