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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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When Might Repiping Be Necessary?

All systems can be broken down into individual components, and each system will have one component that serves as something of its most basic building block. In the case of a plumbing system, that building block is the pipe. From the supply pipes that bring potable water into and throughout your home to the drainage pipes that dispose of wastewater in an effective and hygienic manner, there is no denying the fact that the pipes in your plumbing system serve vital roles in your day to day life. If your pipes are no longer able to serve those roles reliably, then it may be time to consider repiping in Bloomington, IL.

Is Repiping My Only Option?

There is no denying that repiping a house is a major undertaking. While the scope of the job is considerable, it is also something that you may not want to put off any longer than necessary. Having your home repiped according to a plan is certainly preferable to experiencing a plumbing emergency that alerts you to the need for repiping, after all.

If your home was built before 1970, the pipes in that structure may be of rather outdated materials that are not as durable and long lasting as the copper pipes that are the standard today. If  you notice that you have rusty water in your home, you may have old galvanized steel pipes at certain points in the system that are corroding. While repiping only certain sections of your plumbing system may be possible, or simply replacing a pipe or two, the fact remains that integrating new materials into an aging plumbing system may not be the best course of action. When you hire our plumbers, we will evaluate your plumbing system as a whole, and clearly articulate any concerns that we may have. Together, we’ll determine if repiping is the best option for your home, either due to outdated materials or extensive damages to your piping system.

Give Pipeworks Inc. a call today if you have any concerns about the integrity of the pipes in your home.

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