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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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What’s Wrong With My Sink?

Homeowners sometimes think that their sinks are the same no matter what room they’re in. While we don’t really discriminate in terms of the installation of a new sink, sometimes the problems can be vastly different. After all, who shaves over a kitchen sink, and who flushes leftover oatmeal down a bathroom sink drain? These systems are treated very differently and it’s important to remember that when you encounter problems.

So, if you’ve arrived at this blog post, chances are pretty high that you’re encountering a need for sink repair in Bloomington. Don’t worry, we can provide the repairs you need and more, but if you’re hesitant about what needs to be done, then we recommend you keep reading. We’ll talk about the unique sink problems you might be dealing with and some nifty tricks that could help you determine the best course of action going forward!

Common Problems

Sinks deal with a lot of different materials that get flushed down them. Sinks also have to deal with the specific mineral composition of your water, especially in the case when a home has hard water. These different types of problems can lead to a variety of issues that homeowners see, causing them to look up online exactly what’s wrong. Don’t panic, your sink is likely fine, it’s just suffering from a clog, a mineral build-up, or perhaps even a pipe leak. Our team specializes in this kind of work and we can help you.

If your sink drains slowly or not at all then you’re likely dealing with a drain clog that should be cleaned out. Or, if you’re seeing wet spots underneath your sink, or can physically hear the dripping water coming from underneath, then you’re probably dealing with a drain leak.

Video Pipe Inspection Helps

Video pipe inspection is a nifty tool that we use to locate and address problems in the most affordable and efficient manner possible. Think about it—in the old days, plumbers had to take apart your plumbing to even find out what was wrong with it, or just take a wild guess based on experience. Now, we can use tiny video cameras attached to an auger that will descend into your plumbing to locate the problem. We can see exactly what your clog looks like, take down where it’s located, and even show you so you know the extent to which our work will be. This helps us fairly price our services and keep you in the know so it seems like we’re working together, rather than you just trusting us to do what needs to be done!

Call Our Team

There’s a reason why our team is called the “Pipeworks Inc.” team. We deal with pipes, large and small, and no matter where they’re located. We’re the experts, which means we have access to the best high-tech equipment available for mitigating clogs, patching leaks, and replacing plumbing system components. We will even alert you when we notice something that might need replacement in the future.

Contact the team at Pipeworks Inc. for help with your sink.

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