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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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What Makes Our Plumbing Service Different?

Have you ever looked at a company and thought, just by their name, that they were the perfect contractor for you? Well, we’re happy to say that we’re one of those contractors. We’re the pipe extraordinaires here in Champaign, IL and whenever there’s a pipe bursting during the winter or a drain clogged, there should be one name that comes to mind—Pipeworks Inc.

We don’t just survive on brand recognition alone, though. Far from it. Our team operates on a whole different level compared to other professionals that provide plumbing and drain cleaning in Champaign, IL. Certain things we offer, like our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our safe sanitary practices in all the homes we work in, separate us from all the other contractors in the area. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and listed the best reasons why you should call our team for your plumbing needs today!

Why Work with Us?

Aside from our name, there must be other things going for us. After all, have you seen the reviews that are posted on our site and around the web? There’s some serious passion that goes into our work and customers can tell. That said, there’s got to be more on the table than just passion when your wallet is looking for a break. So, let’s talk about some of the ways that Pipeworks Inc. is the team that can get your plumbing work done at an affordable price.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We don’t guarantee 50% of our work, or even 75% of it. All of our work is guaranteed to make you happy, or your money back. It’s a really simple concept. If we can’t make you happy, then you don’t deserve to pay for whatever work we’ve done. It’s a symbol of our confidence in the field, and homeowners always feel better knowing that a team is working as hard as they possibly can to make you happy. This kind of guarantee is worth its weight in gold in this industry!

Licenses and Certifications to Boot

Let us take a deep breath before we get into this. We’re not just licensed plumbers, we are also backflow test certified, have cross-connection and survey certifications as well. When it comes to the field of plumbing, there really isn’t a certification or a license that we don’t have. This speaks to how much experience we have. Think about it, why would we call ourselves Pipeworks Inc. if we couldn’t say, without a shadow of a doubt, that we were the most experienced plumbers available in the area?

We’re Trusted

Not only is our team family-owned and operated, but our founders were previously presidents of the Illinois Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Association (PHCC). We’re a member of the Quality Service Contractor Association, as well as the McClean County Chamber of Commerce. We don’t mean to list off so many things, but we want to make it very clear that this community trusts us. We’ve been around for a while, we show our faces whenever we can, and we love helping our neighbors around the clock with emergency services.

Face it, it’s time to work with the best. Call Pipeworks Inc. today!

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