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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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What Makes a Good Plumbing Maintenance Plan

If you’ve got a home without plumbing, you might want to adjust the settings on your time machine a little bit. Every home in the 21st century has plumbing. Pipeworks, hence our name, is something that is an absolute necessity if you want access to clean water, hot water, sewage disposal, and anything else that travels to your home via liquid or gas.

In a perfect world, everyone would be in contact with the plumbers in Bloomington, IL for routine plumbing maintenance. Except that this is not a perfect world, and most homeowners wait until the very last second to contact a plumber for catastrophic plumbing repairs.

So, if you’ve backed out of purchasing plumbing maintenance before, or have never even heard of plumbing maintenance, we’re going to list a few things that it can help with.

Priorities in Plumbing

When it comes to plumbing maintenance, you have to understand that we view a working plumbing system as a high priority. Homeowners who don’t schedule plumbing maintenance either don’t particularly care or don’t know how important your plumbing system really is. These maintenance plans are set up in a way to give both contractors and homeowners an incentive for getting plumbing problems taken care of as fast as possible.

  • Priority Scheduling. Calling a busy contractor can be difficult when they’re busy dealing with many customers. Having a maintenance plan that offers priority scheduling allows better communication between you and your plumber, which means they’ll know exactly what they’re getting into when they schedule your plumbing service.
  • Annual Plumbing Inspection. If you’ve got pipes that are eroding, you’re going to want to know about them as soon as possible. The problem is, there usually aren’t any obvious signs of pipe erosion. A plumber that inspects your pipes can easily tell you about the problem and give you a timeline that you can use to effectively and affordably replace them.
  • Special Promotions, Discounts and Savings. Plumbers really want you to care about your plumbing system. This is because preventative maintenance is always better to work on than an emergency plumbing problem. These savings and discounts exist as a mutual relationship between a plumber and a homeowner. Everyone wins with a maintenance program!
  • No Diagnostic Fees. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a plumber on hand to check out your pipes whenever you need them? Most contractors have a diagnostic fee, but there are many maintenance programs out there that waive this fee. You’ll keep your peace of mind when you pick up the phone and call your plumber if you’ve got a concern, knowing that you won’t be charged extra for the diagnosis.

Don’t forego plumbing maintenance because you don’t think you need it. Plumbing doesn’t seem very important until there’s a problem, and then it’s often the most important thing you can think of. If you’re tired of dealing with so many emergency plumbing problems, sign up for a quality maintenance plan today.

Oh, how about that! We’ve got a great maintenance plan here at Pipeworks Inc. Ask us about it today!

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