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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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What Is a Pinhole Leak?

You’ve probably heard the term “pinhole leak” before, and we’re happy that you have. It’s something that’s very industry-specific, and this blog post is dedicated to shedding some light on the matter.

A pinhole leak is exactly how it sounds. It’s a tiny leak that might be incredibly hard to notice (and yes, they’re usually the size of a pinhole) but they can be absolutely devastating for your plumbing system. We’ll talk below about some of the reasons why such a small leak can be such a huge problem.

However, if you’re at this blog post to figure out how you can DIY a fix for your pinhole leak, then we’ve got some bad news. Unfortunately, DIY plumbing work is a long and difficult road, and there are many extra expenditures that might make your life more difficult. Our plumbers in Bloomington, IL are trained to deal with these kinds of issues, and we’ll get your home set right for a low, affordable rate.

How a Pinhole Leak Forms

Pinhole leaks usually form from corrosion or the aging of your pipe system. This is because they don’t happen all at once, like from something hitting your pipe (that’s how other leaks form). They’re small and usually appear at the point where the material has grown weak or malleable. Once the pressure can’t be contained, a tiny hole will appear that will allow water to drip out slowly.

“Where Does That Water Go?”

Pinhole leaks can be near impossible to detect because of the fact that they don’t leak that much water. The real damage comes from the leaking water over time. You might not think that a few droplets per hour or day are a lot, but then when you factor that over months or a year, that’s a lot of water that ends up sinking into the floorboards of your house or the foundation in your basement. This will lead to humidity problems and an abundance of mold that will cost you down the line.

The Three Main Problems With Pinhole Leaks

There are three main problems with pinhole leaks, and we think homeowners should be aware of them.

  • Constant loss of water. Since pinhole leaks don’t have the same symptoms as a normal leak, they’ll be harder to detect and can be neglected for a longer period of time. This means you’ll be dealing with a constant loss of water before it’s fixed.
  • Hard to detect. Sometimes the only way you can tell you’ve got a pinhole leak is through your water meter. Shut off all of your water using appliances and check your water meter. If it’s still reading like there’s some water being used, then you might have a tiny leak somewhere in your home.
  • Long-term disruption of water pressure. A pinhole leak will lower your water pressure slightly, and you might not notice it, but this can have pretty serious impacts for the future of your home plumbing system.

Pinhole leaks can be a real menace, but our team of professional plumbers knows how to identify and plug these kinds of leaks.

Contact Pipeworks Inc. for help with your pinhole leaks.

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