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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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What Constitutes Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing isn’t necessarily one of the most popular topics we talk about in this blog, but it’s important nevertheless! We often like to talk about our residential plumbing services since homeowners tend to be in most need of our services, but we can’t count out the importance of our commercial services as well. The truth is that no matter what kind of business or building owner you are, you rely on plumbing services in order to function every day. From bathrooms, to kitchens, to even the simplest types of pipe systems, plumbing needs to be up to code and able to handle your needs and the needs of your customers.

So, let’s talk a bit about what kinds of Bloomington, IL commercial plumbing services we offer and why you could benefit heavily from them!

Important Commercial Plumbing Services

Plumbing systems for businesses and buildings need to be up to a specific code in order for them to work and in order for you to avoid lawsuits. Trying to have a building or a business exist in the 21st century without functioning restrooms or running, clean water is never going to be a good experience. Not only is that cruel, but it’s also illegal, which is why it’s vital for a business or building owner to know when to call professionals for commercial plumbing services.

Restroom Services

Any building that holds people for a considerable amount of time, even ones that don’t, are going to have restrooms. Whether they’re private restrooms or public ones, they need to be there and most importantly they need to work! Understandably, this isn’t just a job for a regular, run of the mill plumber. Commercial services in regards to waste treatment and commercial restrooms require a higher standard of craftsmanship. From certain municipal standards needing to be met, to just having the manpower to get a job like this done, you’re much better off calling a team of professional commercial plumbers to keep your restrooms in check.

Food Service Drains

Restaurants need so much more when it comes to commercial plumbing. Fresh, clean water and clear drains are an absolute necessity for any business that wants to serve food. There are strict health and safety codes here in Illinois, and they’re in place for good reason—they keep people from getting sick and they ensure a business operates in good faith with its customers. If your restaurant utilizes a grease trap, a wide amount of drains and faucets, as well as restrooms, then pay close attention to the quality of commercial plumbing you receive. Call a team of professionals who are trustworthy in the community.

Anything Else!

Did you think it stopped there? Buildings and businesses around the world, whether they’re in the food industry or not, require commercial plumbing services. These services must be done up to code so that you can avoid legal trouble and keep your customers and employees happy, healthy, and safe. Skip the vetting process, and call our team of professionals today. We’re known through this community as experts in the field of commercial plumbing.

Contact the team at Pipeworks Inc. to make your building’s pipes work!

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