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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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What Can You Do About a Clogged Drain?

First of all, you can always call us. Clogged drains are a problem to homeowners because they might not have the tools or training to deal with them on a busy day.

Not everyone schedules their day with an extra hour at night just in case there’s a shower or sink drain clog, so we understand why it might be a frustrating occurrence.

But, aside from contacting us for drain cleaning, there are a few things you can do.

If you remember the last time you went to the hardware store, there’s a whole aisle with tools to deal with clogged drains in Heyworth, IL.

From drain snakes to specialized plungers, you’ve got quite the pick of tools that might help you in a tricky situation.

This blog is going to focus on a few things that can help your drain, some DIY tricks that you can try, but also a link at the end in case you need a professional hand.

The Basic Plunger

Plungers are classic pieces of plumbing equipment. You’ve seen them in cartoons since you were a little kit, and you likely see them all over online advertisements talking about plumbers.

They’re a plumber’s best friend, mostly because they do an incredible job of alleviating a clog without anything other than seal.

That’s right, a plunger creates a high pressure seal when it goes around the entrance of your drain. This means that as you plunge (push and pull) it increases the pressure on one side of the clog, either forcing it to dislodge a bit or move completely.

The continuous act of plunging will remove even some of the most stubborn clogs, as long as it’s done with the correctly sized plunger and a regular motion.

However, some clogging materials are pretty resistant to pressure. What if a plunger doesn’t do the trick? That’s where a drain snake comes in!

A Drain Snake

Drain snakes are basically coarsely shaped wires or plastic pieces attached at the end of an auger. It’s designed to be snaked down your drain to either break through drain clogs with its sharp end, or grab clogging materials with the jagged edges. This uses a much different physical process to remove clogs than a plunger does.

Go ahead and try snaking your drain yourself. You might be surprised with just how effective these things are! And, not only are they easy to use, but they’re extremely cheap.

Anything But Drain Chemicals

You might think that the next item on our list would be drain-cleaning chemicals, but that’s actually not the case. These chemicals are bad for your personal health as well as the integrity of your plumbing system.

They might eat away at clogs, or they might eat away at the lining of your pipes to the point where it springs leaks, and causes trouble. Just avoid these altogether.

Contact Us for Support

Are you still having trouble with your drain after hours of plunging and using a drain snake? Then it sounds like it’s time to contact a professional plumber for industrial-grade solutions or even hydro jetting.

Contact Pipeworks Inc., your trusted plumbing professionals!

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