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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Tips for Spotting a Water Line Leak

When you have a pipe under a sink that bursts, the flooding of a room is a pretty obvious sign that something is wrong. A lot of plumbing problems don’t wind up being so obvious to spot, though. That is why having some pointers from plumbing professionals is so beneficial.

In addition to all of the pipes in your home that distribute water to all of your different fixtures and appliances, there is a main water line on your property that brings water into your home to begin with. If a leak develops in this water line, you may not notice right away. You’ll wish that you had, though, because it can lead to some pretty serious problems.

What to Look Out For

We want to help you to avoid serious issues stemming from a leaking water line in Bloomington, IL. That’s why we’ve put these tips together for you. Read on, and contact us the moment that you suspect a problem.

  • Damp conditions in the front yard may be the result of a leaking water line. Even if there is not a standing pool of water, squishy and muddy soil in front of the house is definitely a potential sign of a water leak. If it hasn’t been raining and if there is not a lot of snow melting, there’s a good chance that the water is coming from the water line.
  • High water bills are another indicator that something is wrong. If you are not using water any differently than usual, but you notice that your water bills are creeping higher and higher, you may be paying for water that is leaking out of your water line. Let us investigate the problem to find out for sure.
  • Low water pressure could also be the result of a leak in your main water line. Now, this symptom will not always present itself if the line is leaking. If you’re experiencing any other issues in addition to this, though, or if the water pressure throughout the entire house is low, then a main water line leak is a real possibility.

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