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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Replace Your Lead Pipes Today!


Lead pipes haven’t been used for main water lines and other home plumbing replacements in a long time. Once the science came out on how detrimental lead pipes were for the personal health of our friends and neighbors, we started shifting to using PVC and copper pipes. Now, what many homeowners might not be aware of is the fact that their house still could have lead pipes in it.

Our sewer systems can last for a long period of time with proper maintenance. Lead sewer pipes aren’t as much of an emergency as lead water pipes are because we don’t drink or bathe from our sewer systems. The wastewater that comes from your sewer pipes is going to have to be treated anyways so lead poses less of a threat there. However, we think you should invest in a plumber in Bloomington to replace these pipes for additional reasons we’ll mention here.

Lead Pipes Are Old

The first and most important thing to remember about the lead pipes in your home is that they’re old. Lead pipes haven’t been used in plumbing systems since the 1960s, which means that your pipes are at least 60 years old. Plumbing pipes, no matter how sturdy the material is, just aren’t built to last that long.

This means that your lead pipes are in need of replacement regardless of where they are or how they function. You can tell which pipes are lead by using a quarter or nickel to scratch the surface of it. If it goes from being dark to being a sheer metal color where the streak was made, this is a lead pipe and should be addressed with care by a professional.

Lead Pipes Could Still Be Hazardous for Your Family

When you’ve got lead pipes in your sewer system, you’re not quite out of the woods. Lead pipes can break apart and cause leaks, especially older pipes, and that’s going to lead to both wastewater and water with lead in it entering your home.

We want homeowners to be aware of where their lead pipes are so they can more quickly find out if there’s a health or sanitation hazard occurring in their home. Our team can help you perform this evaluation and even come up with steps to remove the pipes down the line.

What Should You Do?

Look, lead sewer pipes aren’t the end of the world. If you had a main water line that was constructed out of lead pipes, then we’d be having a much different kind of conversation. You can afford to at least wait until your budget allows you to replace your pipes, since those lead pipes aren’t actively harming your family right now.

The only problem this poses is the fact that these lead pipes are much more likely to leak and run into issues down the line. If you’re fine with waiting for sewer pipe replacements, you also need to be ready for the consequences like more sewer leaks and issues that require professional repair. For more information, be sure to get in touch with our team so we can walk you through these things.

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