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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Professional Drain Cleaning: Is It Worth It?

What makes something worth the money? Is it the time you save? Or perhaps it’s the long-term benefits you get from investing in the service? You probably think about this on a regular basis with the various different streaming services offered on our televisions. How much do you need to use something before it becomes worth the cost?

Well, we’d argue that drain cleaning services are even more important to invest in than the various luxury products we pay for. We have yet to meet a family living in a home that doesn’t use their drains on a daily basis, and when those drains get clogged, it can be a nightmare to unclog them again. Drain cleaning in Normal, IL, when offered by a professional, can be fast, effective, and make your life a lot easier.

Before you head to the hardware store to clear that drain clog yourself, read our blog and think about hiring a professional first.

5 Main Reasons to Call a Pro

Look, there’s no single reason why calling a pro to have your drains cleaned is a good idea. In fact, we can think of five reasons right off the bat that can be dealbreakers for a lot of people. Think about the following reasons to invest in a drain cleaning appointment. Just remember that plumbing systems are complicated and fixing them can be expensive. Hiring a professional is a great way to eliminate any worries and additional expenses you might incur if you work on this project on your own.

  1. Time. How much is your time worth? For some customers, it’s worth a lot, and taking two, three, or even six hours to remove a drain clog can be frustrating and a waste. Especially if this time is spent doing research or trying to figure out what equipment you have to purchase, sometimes it can be a lot. Why not spend your time on things that are more important, or even just to relax while a professional does the job?
  2. Equipment. Different types of equipment will be better for certain drain clogs. The problem is that homeowners shouldn’t have to purchase all of this equipment and learn how to use it just for one or two incidents. This equipment can be costly, and sometimes it’s not even available when it doesn’t come directly from a plumbing equipment manufacturer directly. Save money by just calling us and letting our equipment do the job!
  3. Hassle. Using towels, feeling dirty, and using all of your energy just to remove a drain clog can be such a hassle. We know from experience how tedious and obnoxious this kind of problem can be. When you contact a professional, we get this done hassle-free.
  4. Effectiveness. Often a drain clog can be partially removed when it’s done by an amateur or a homeowner. Our team has the equipment and training necessary to completely remove a drain clog so that it doesn’t come up again in a few months or weeks.
  5. Convenience. Calling for a pro is just more convenient, especially if you’ve got a busy week. Don’t let a drain clog ruin your plans!

Pipeworks Inc. can take care of your drains. Get in touch with us today!

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