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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Let’s Get Your Sink Working Again

Your sink’s plumbing is so important to the wellbeing of your home. How are you supposed to have a nice, cozy Monday night if your sink is constantly leaking in the other room? If you pull the handle on your faucet and something happens that always upsets you, then we’re here to tell you that something needs to change.

Leave the work up to us. Too many homeowners get stuck in thinking that their plumbing appliances are just “quirky” instead of in need of repair. Your leaking sink, broken faucet, or clogged and slow drain doesn’t have to be a normal way of life. These kinds of things can be fixed properly with the help of a professional.

Our team is full of plumbing specialists that focus on sink repair in Bloomington. If there’s something wrong with your faucet, we’ll locate the problem and fix it, simply put.

What’s Wrong?

Firstly, we need to figure out what’s going wrong with your faucet. Once we can notice that there’s a serious problem, or at least a minor problem occurring, then it becomes easier to schedule the right repairs with the right professionals. So, let’s see if any of the following apply to your faucet.

  • Your water pressure is too low. A faucet is supposed to provide enough water pressure to keep you happy. Regardless of whether you’re washing dishes, washing your hands, or cleaning something else, a sink with low water pressure will be almost unusable if the problem persists. This could be a deeper problem with your plumbing system that should be fixed.
  • Your faucet is dripping. A dripping faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water a year if it’s neglected. This is water that, ultimately, you’ll be paying for. Why not spend that money on getting it fixed and curb the water waste that’s occurring under your nose?
  • Your faucet won’t turn on. This is one we actually run into pretty often. Homeowners sometimes close off a whole room of their home because the “faucet doesn’t work.” This isn’t normal, and it should be worth noting that your faucet can absolutely work as long as its repaired or replaced by a team of pros that know what they’re doing. Don’t corral your guests to a different bathroom because this sink doesn’t work, get it repaired!
  • Your drain is clogged. While this might not be a problem with the faucet itself, it can still be fixed with drain cleaning services we offer.

How We Can Help

Faucets are not just a comfort problem when they don’t work. They can lead to unsanitary practices going forward. When a sink is too obnoxious to use, it leads to homeowners washing their hands less after using a bathroom or handling raw meat. In order to keep your home functioning and safe, repairing your faucets is a great idea. Our team isn’t crazy about upselling you with technology either. We just want to get your faucets and drains up and running so your kitchen or bathroom works the way it’s supposed to. That’s all!

Call Pipeworks Inc. today for quality sink repair.

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