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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Hydro Jetting Vs. Drain Chemicals

When confronted with a clogged drain, which solution should you choose? It’s true that one of them doesn’t require the aid of a licensed plumber, but that’s not necessarily a good thing in this case. For mild drain clogs, we’d recommend first using a plunger and a drain snake, which are specifically designed to use pressure to remove clogging materials.

However, if you’ve spent hours trying to get rid of a drain clog by plunging it or using a drain snake, then at that point you’re confronted with a problem. Do you call a professional for help? Or do you choose one of the more colorful solutions sitting in the plumbing aisle at the grocery store?

The truth is that you should always go with a plumber for hydro jetting in Champaign, IL, but the reasoning might be surprising to you. Let’s talk about why hydro jetting works.

Why Hydro Jetting Works

In order for customers to understand why hydro jetting is such an effective service, we need to talk about how and why it works.

How it works. A hydro jet consists of two main components. There’s the water jet that sprays pressurized water, and then there’s the auger that the jet is attached to, lowering it into a pipe so that it can work in confined spaces. The jet then sprays the pressurized water, sending an immense amount of water into your drains, increasing the pressure enough to remove any drain clogging materials while your pipes remain safe.

Why it works. Hydro jetting is so effective because it uses effective methods–mainly pressure and water. These two forces can move mountains together, so it makes sense that they work so well to remove drain clogs. The water is natural, cleansing any dirty materials in the pipes while the pressure causes the stubborn clogs to break and fall apart.

Why Drain Chemicals Don’t Work

Drain chemicals are a good idea in theory. Some chemical combinations are great for cleaning out tight spaces, like vinegar and baking soda. They can increase pressure, and vinegar usually has great cleaning properties as an acid.

However, store-bought drain chemicals do more harm than good. These materials are usually highly acidic or caustic, causing your drain to become a health and safety hazard. These chemicals can release fumes that can cause skin, eye, nose, and mouth irritation, while also eating away at the lining of your pipes.

And, to top it all off, half of the time these chemicals don’t even work to remove the clog. Isn’t that a bummer?

The Price Differential

So, now you might be thinking to yourself, “great, now that I know which one to choose, it’s probably the more expensive one, right?” Well, not exactly.

Professional hydro jetting is more expensive than purchasing store-bought drain chemicals… Until you factor in the fact that those chemicals might ruin your drains and cause you to call a plumber for repairs. At that point, you’ll realize that hydro jetting is absolutely worth the cost difference.

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