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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Here’s Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush

You wouldn’t believe the number of times homeowners call us for some infuriating toilet related issue. Either the toilet won’t flush because it’s running, or won’t flush because of some other reason, it seems pretty imperative that your toilet does the one thing it’s supposed to do—flush!

Though, there are many issues that we see in toilets that could be easily helped with just a bit of experience and a rolled-up sleeve. A toilet itself is not a very complicated mechanism, so if your toilet won’t flush, there are some things we’ll be listing in this blog that can hopefully help address the problem.

And as always, if anything we say here doesn’t work, make sure to contact a professional to fix your plumbing in Normal, IL.

Why Won’t it Flush?!

Calm down! Before we get into the solutions to your flushing conundrum, we’d like to address the elephant in the room. Toilets can stop flushing for many reasons—either the toilet is running (water is constantly flowing into the tank through the fill valve), it’s leaking (a major issue on its own), or there are problems at the supply valve. Now, if your toilet will flush but nothing happens, that could be due to a clog in the drain or some other issue.

Either way, if any of the fixes we mention below don’t help address the problem, do yourself a favor and contact a licensed plumber stat.

How You Can Help

  • Check the Flapper. If your toilet is constantly running and the flusher hangs limply, there could be a problem with your flapper not sealing the flush valve opening. This is actually a pretty simple problem to fix. Just open the tank and you’ll notice the water constantly draining out of the flush valve. Either replace the flush valve if it’s not working anymore, or you’ll need a professional to replace the flush valve in its entirety.
  • Check the Water Level. Is the tank not filling up enough? Your fill valve might need cleaning or replacing. The fill valve is responsible for filling up your toilet’s tank to make sure that there’s water to flush. Without a functioning fill valve, your flusher won’t operate.
  • Check Thoroughly for Leaks. If neither of the first two problems is solvable, the issue could be more serious. There could be a leak from the water supply line, or where the tank meets the toilet bowl. Usually, these leaks are fairly easy to notice since there will be water somewhere. This is definitely a problem that requires the attention of a professional, since toilet leaks like these waste a lot of water and can damage your floors, walls, and seep through to other rooms.

The truth of the matter is, toilet leaks are either simple or they aren’t. Don’t be afraid to roll your sleeves up and check the flapper in the tank. Sometimes just making sure the plug is in place or replacing the flapper is enough to fix the problem.

No need to waste any more time or water. Call Pipeworks Inc. for quality plumbing work today!

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