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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Got Fruit Flies? It Could be an Issue with Your Plumbing


There are the normal problems with your plumbing that you can expect and recognize quickly like clogs, backups, and foul odors. One symptom of a plumbing issue that you might not expect is fruit flies.

When you think of fruit flies, you’re probably thinking of those super ripe bananas sitting on your counter that you never got around to finishing. The last thing you’re thinking of is probably the drain in your sink.

Fruit flies are a major indicator of a plumbing issue though. If you need a great team of plumbers in Normal, IL, you can contact our professional team to schedule an appointment with our team. You can quickly schedule an appointment with our professional team members and knock out any problems you’re having fast.

Why Fruit Flies Pop Up

You’ve been swatting your way through your kitchen for weeks now, keeping your counters clear, you even took the extra time to clear out that fridge of yours… so why are these pesky fruit flies still floating around just taunting you? Fruit flies can pop up in the middle of summer are pretty common and they’re actually coming from your drain. Yes, you read that right, what you think are fruit flies in your home are actually drain flies. Don’t blame it on your produce any more! These flies live on the decomposing organic matter sitting in your drainage system. That’s why you might find them milling about around near your sink or shower.

Unfortunately, fruit flies love to develop and breed around places like a slow or clogged drain. So if your plumbing could use a little TLC, you might have to call a professional plumber.

Don’t Go for the Over the Counter Drain Cleaner

We really want to bring attention to this problem. Do not run out to your local convenience store and grab a bottle of drain cleaner off the shelf that’s promising to clear your issue in a flash. Slow or clogged drains might seem like they’re fixed with a store-bought drain cleaner for a while, but you can’t clean this type of system indefinitely.

You need a professional plumber from our team to perform a cleaning service and completely clear out your plumbing system. These flies lay their eggs in your garbage disposal, garbage cans, recycling bins, and on virtually any damp place in your home.

How to Get Rid of The Flies

So if you can’t get rid of a fruit fly problem with a store-bought drain cleaner… what can you do? Well, you can start by cleaning up your kitchen, taking out the trash, and getting rid of any sponges or empty bottles lying around in your recycling bin. You need to get rid of anything and everything that these flies gravitate toward.

You can call us or get in touch with us on our website and we’ll be out to your home in a flash to help. Don’t deal with this pesky problem for a day longer—contact us!

Contact our professionals today to schedule an appointment with our professional technicians at Pipeworks Inc. today.

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