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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Don’t Let Your Drain Clog Get This Bad

You might be thinking to yourself, “a drain can only just get clogged, how can it be worse than that?” And you might not want to know the answer. Unfortunately, in the realm of plumbing, clogged drains in Deer Creek, IL can get immensely worse than just a clog. For starters, depending on the type of material causing the clog, it can be extremely hard to get rid of. The important aspect of removing a clog is doing it the right way.

We’re going to talk about how drain clogs get as bad as they are, and why some run-of-the-mill solutions are not a good idea. If you think your drains are in dire need of our help, then let this be an alarm that gets you in contact with us. We have the tools, the expertise, and the training to get your drain clog cleared easily.

What Can Go Wrong?

When you close your eyes, it’s easy to imagine the stereotypical drain clog. Some waste material gets stuck in your pipe and there’s just no way for any water to get through it. It’s frustrating but not the end of the world. So what do we mean when we say that it can get worse?

Well, a drain clog that’s combined with a homeowner that starts dumping chemicals down it, or a homeowner that decides to try and replace their pipes themselves becomes a lot worse than just an average clog. These kinds of practices can quickly ruin your plumbing system and cause your pipes to fall apart.

Don’t Pour Chemicals Down the Drain

Chemicals are one of the worst things for your drain. Especially those caustic chemicals that are being sold at the grocery store in the “plumbing” section. We’d rather call that the “destroy your plumbing” section because that’s exactly what these chemicals do.

They ruin the lining of your pipes, they can emanate fumes that linger in your home for days, and worst of all—they barely even work!

Don’t Hire an Amateur Plumber

It’s enticing to hire a cheap plumber. You might have a family friend or a neighbor who is going through their plumbing license training and are offering cheap prices for quick drain cleaning services. While it might be cheap, you might not get what you need.

Depending on the material of the clog, your pipes, and your home’s layout, drain clogs can be a delicate maneuver for a plumber. The right tools and experience are required and many times amateur plumbers just don’t have what it takes.

Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself

Sure, using a drain snake or a plunger is something we’ll always advocate that homeowners use. They’re tools that are fairly benign and don’t ever risk the integrity of your plumbing system. They use pressure, friction, and leverage to remove clogs, which are natural and effective methods of clearing a drain.

However, anything beyond that should be the realm of a professional plumber. Don’t try to replace your pipes or dig deep into your plumbing system. We can handle that and ensure nothing breaks.

Contact Pipeworks Inc. for professional and effective drain cleaning services.

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