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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Do You Need a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are extremely valuable systems in our area. It’s probably safe to say that none of the service areas we work in are deserts, or places where there’s no flooding or regular rainfall, so we can assume that all of our homeowners might need this tool. Sump pumps keep your basement free of flooding waters, stop the growth of mold, and keep your furniture and precious heirlooms safe from any damage that might come from that water. They work automatically, and they can be installed at a very reasonable price.

The reason why we’re talking about sump pumps in Bloomington, IL today is because most homeowners think they can go without them. Sure, a sump pump is always an option you can invest in, but we think they should be looked at more as a necessary tool in stopping something that ruins a lot of people’s days and sometimes lives.

How It Works

A sump pump is a specific type of system that keeps your basement from flooding. It’s not magic, though. It works by utilizing a pit that needs to be dug up and a pump that can easily pull the water out of the ditch and release it somewhere else. These parts are respectively called the “sump” and “pump,” which is where we get the terminology from!

The Sump

The sump part of a sump pump is the ditch. This is where the water gets drawn to. Think about it, without a ditch or some place to collect water that lies below your basement, there’s no way for your basement not to flood. The sump allows the water to be pulled into this pit so that it can be pumped out accordingly.

The Pump

This is where things get interesting. The pump aspect of a sump pump then draws all the collected floodwater and transfers it somewhere on your property. This can be to a pond or a drainage gate that will send it to your municipal water source. Some homeowners even set up their sump pumps to pump water into irrigation canals in their garden to help their plants grow! The opportunities are endless, but the real benefits come from avoiding a flood.

The Benefits of a Sump Pump

Here are just a few unique benefits that a sump pump provides.

  • Protection against flooding. Flooding can be such a hassle for a family. By utilizing a sump pump, you’re protecting your basement and your property.
  • Improved indoor air quality. Floodwaters can lead to mold growth, which is detrimental to your indoor air quality and your personal health.
  • Reduced humidity. When floodwaters enter your home, it can throw off the whole humidity balance. This can cause your home to become uncomfortable.
  • Avoiding expensive flooding problems. Flooding isn’t just a hassle, it can ruin your devices, equipment, and cause some serious water damage to the foundation of your house. These issues can be some of the most expensive problems to fix, so a sump pump is a preventative measure in this case.

Call the pros at Pipeworks Inc. for your very own sump pump installation.

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