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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Bursting Into Tears Because of Your Burst Water Line?

Have you ever dealt with a burst water line? They can be a huge hassle and a good reason for many homeowners to push the panic button. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can refrain from pushing the panic button, because we’ve got an easy to follow list of important steps you can take to mitigate damage and get the problem squared away with as soon as possible. Water damage can be an incredibly expensive hazard to have happen to your home, and it will take some time to have it sorted out by professionals.

So, pay close attention to what we’re about to say so that you’re prepared and well-equipped with the knowledge to handle a burst water line. Also, don’t forget to contact your local professional plumber regardless of what the solution might be.

Locating the Water Shut-Off Valve

The biggest problem with a burst main water line, is the sheer amount of water that will be leaking from it. The longer your plumbing leaks from this burst pipe, the more damage is going to be caused, and the worse shape your home is going to be in. That’s why it’s vital to locate your water shut-off valve.

The water shut-off valve is going to be instrumental in stopping the flow of water to your home before it becomes a major problem. It’s generally a good idea to familiarize yourself with the location of your water shut-off valve before your main water line is leaking. It is usually found in your basement or behind a panel, so it’s also a good idea to keep your basement or the area around your water shut-off valve clean. It’ll be that much more frustrating when you’re trying to reach your shut-off valve during an emergency if the area around it is cluttered.

Invest in an Automatic Shut-Off Valve

Do you know what’s better than having an easily located shut-off valve that can mitigate the damage of a leaking water line? An automatic shut-off valve!

An automatic shut-off valve is a system that does just what its name entails—it automatically shuts your water off in the case of a leak or pressure change. That means when your water line bursts or starts to leak, you’ll have your water shut off immediately to mitigate the damage that could be caused in your home.

This is especially important if you’re away from home while your water line bursts. Unfortunately, many families come home from vacation or a work trip to find that their water line has burst and the worst of the damage has already been done. With an automatic shut-off valve, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on water damage repair by making sure that your water intake is immediately shut down when the valve senses a change in pressure. This is easily the safest countermeasure to prevent a serious problem when it comes to burst water lines.

Do you need an automatic shut-off valve? Let us get you set up by giving our plumbers in Bloomington, IL at Pipeworks Inc. a call!

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