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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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5 Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Sewer

Your sewer system is vital to the functionality of your home. In order for you to be able to use appliances like your shower, toilet, and kitchen sink, your sewer system needs to be in good shape. Otherwise, you could be dealing with sewer clogs, sewer leaks, or even some kind of legal trouble with your sewer leaking into someone else’s property. Basically, you can’t afford to call anyone other than the best team available for sewer cleaning.

We’re going to be honest with you. Sewer cleaning in Champaign, IL is only one type of service we offer. While it’s important for mitigating clogs and other problems in your sewer system, it’s not going to prevent everything. Eventually, you could have tree roots invade your sewer pipes, or something being misaligned or corroded, leading to sewer replacement or repairs being needed. Let’s talk about some of these possibilities, and how we can help.

Problem 1: Serious Clogs

We put our sewer systems through the wringer, and it’s almost inevitable that yours develops a clog. This is where our sewer cleaning services can come into play. We use powerful hydro-jet systems to remove any material that might be blocking your sewer system, with only high-pressure water jets that can get the job done. The nice part about hydro jetting is that it’s powerful and effective, without being harmful to the environment or involving chemicals!

Problem 2: Tree Roots

Trees grow regardless of where we’d like them to grow. You’ve probably needed to trim your fair share of tree branches so they don’t accidentally brush up against your home and cause damage. Unfortunately, trees grow below just as much as they grow above! Tree roots can infiltrate small cracks and gaps in your sewer system to become real problems. These tree roots can clog your sewer and also cause your waste to seep out into your lawn. Our team can address this kind of problem easily.

Problem 3: Misaligned Pipes

Pipes can sometimes become misaligned depending on the type of soil you have, or the pipe materials themselves. Years of things shifting and tree roots infiltrating them can cause them to become misaligned and eventually lead to gaps and cracks. These need to be taken care of, because you could start seeping waste into someone else’s property as well as your own. While your grass might enjoy that, your nose and the neighbors won’t!

Problem 4: “Bellied Pipes”

Bellied pipes are pipes that have sunk down into the ground, creating a cavern for waste to converge and stay put. This can be very bad since you’re not operating a septic system, you’re using a sewer system, which means that waste needs to head towards a treatment plant and away from your home. This type of problem can be treated with sewer cleaning, but it eventually needs to be repaired.

Problem 5: Corrosion

We send a lot of waste and materials down our sewers. This means that these systems are likely to corrode after years of use. This isn’t terrible if you’ve got the right team of professionals to help replace the pipes and install new sewer pipes that are made out of more resistant materials.

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