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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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3 Things a Plumber Will Never Tell You

There are two types of plumbers in this world—honest plumbers and amateur plumbers. Honest plumbers will tell you the truth about the condition your drains and pipes are in, while amateurs will try to hide as much information as possible. Think about it, why would an amateur plumber want you to know about your plumbing system? They could just “magically fix it” and get you to pay for all the repairs that come with their subpar service.

A reputable plumber, like the ones on our team, will tell it to you like it is. If your plumbing in Champaign, IL is in poor condition, we’ll let you know. We’re not doing it to sell our service or to make you feel bad, we’re on a mission to get everyone in the area hooked up with plumbing that’s build to last.

Let’s Get Down to Business

You’re here to find out what an amateur plumber won’t tell you, right? Well, don’t let us stop you. We’ll get into the specifics and where we differ on the subject.

Plumbing Maintenance Is a Thing

Why would an amateur not tell you this? Well, it’s easier to get homeowners to purchase your repair services if your plumbing system is constantly backing up and leaking from lack of maintenance. Maintenance is actually a way to avoid needing to make plumbing calls. It keeps your plumbing in good shape and warns you when there’s a repair need in your future. It actually saves your money which is antithetical to amateur service providers.

Clogs Can Be Prevented

An awful plumber would love to tell you that clogs are inevitable. To a certain extent, they even are. Leading a customer on in thinking that they’ll need a plumber’s help every few months for drain cleaning services gives them money straight from your pocket. However, there absolutely are steps you can take to stop clogs from happening in the first place.

Using mesh screens, drain snakes, plungers, and keeping things clean could all contribute to lowering the amount of clogs you encounter. This can ultimately keep your plumbing expenses low and your drain in good condition—which is exactly what an amateur plumber doesn’t want!

Get Your Pipes Inspected First

Back in the day, you had to just trust that a plumber would fix your pipes based on their word. There was no way to check the job they did without having a plumbing license yourself. This ultimately would lead to clogs happening again and leaks occurring just after a bad plumber left. Well, now there’s technology to help avoid this problem in the first place.

Video pipe inspection is an easy way to see exactly how bad your plumbing looks when you start discussing ways to fix it. A reputable plumber will show you the video footage and talk with you about the exact solutions that can be implemented. No more guesswork, no more “blindly trusting” a plumber you’ve never worked with. Use science and technology to get the right work and prices you’re expecting.

The team at Pipeworks Inc. has you covered. Call us today!

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