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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Why Are My Drains So Smelly?

When you have company over, are you a bit embarrassed by unpleasant odors in your home? Have you cleaned the carpets, taken out the trash, and freshened up the cats’ litter box? Is the smell still going strong? That odor could be emanating from your drains, and it is a very annoying problem indeed.

Scheduling service with the drain and sewer professionals on our staff ensures that your drains will function properly and that they won’t drag down your quality of life in any way. We diagnose problems accurately, and resolve them completely. Contact us today for exceptional drain and sewer services in Bloomington, IL.

Dry Drain Traps

Under each drain in your home, from those that you can see to those hidden beneath your bathtub, there is a drain trap. This trap is used to trap some of the water that runs down the drain. Why might one want to keep a pool of stagnant water, regardless of size, in his or her plumbing system? Well, the water in the trap actually serves as a barrier, preventing sewer gas from making its way up your plumbing system and into your home.

Insufficient Ventilation

A key aspect to a well-designed plumbing system is a drain waste vent system. If you are not able to vent sewer gases out of your home, you are going to run into a few different problems. It can seriously throw off pressure levels within the system, negatively affecting the free flowing nature of your drain and sewer lines. If there is no ventilation, the sewer gases can also force past the water in the drain trap, making their way into your home.

Sewer Line Damages

Most problematic in most cases is a damaged sewer line itself. If you have any breaches in your sewer line, if it has caved in, or there are any other issues, you really need to have them resolved promptly. You cannot afford to take risks with something like your sewer line.

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