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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Tips for Avoiding Clogged Drains

It happens to everyone from time to time. You go to drain the tub or the sink, and realize that the water is either draining very slowly, or not at all. There is really no way in which you can hope to completely eliminate the development of drain clogs in your home. You can certainly, though, take steps to minimize the risk.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of clogged drains could have been avoided with a bit of care. Here are  few tips from the professional plumbers on our staff that should help you to reduce the occurrence of clogged drains in Bloomington, IL. Be sure to dial our number if you have any further questions. 

  1. Keep your drains covered with a mesh screen. Even if you are diligent about cleaning off your plates before putting them into the sink, you have to expect some debris to wind up in the drain when you are washing your dishes. When you use these very cheap but effective drain covers, you can help to keep those materials out of your drains themselves. Be sure to empty them regularly to avoid foul odors.
  2. Taking a little extra care with your grooming habits will help, too. Simply brushing out your hair before showering can make a big difference. Hair is a major cause of backups and clogs in shower/bathtub drains. By removing loose hair with good brushing before bathing, you reduce the risk of that hair winding up in your drains. After you shave, you should also wipe out the bowl of the sink, rather than rinsing everything out the drain. Every little bit helps.
  3. We all want our pets to be comfortable, but bathe your pets outdoors as much as possible. When you put your pooch in the shower, a lot of his or her coat will remain behind. After a few good washes, you’ll notice the drain slowing down.

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