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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Is Professional Drain Cleaning Really Necessary?

Only if you want great, lasting results. Yes, we know that there are plenty of drain cleaners that you can buy at the local hardware store. Yes, we understand that there are online tutorials that can inform you of how to do the job. The fact of the matter is, however, that there is nothing more effective than scheduling professional drain cleaning in Bloomington, IL.

Drain clogs are a lot more stubborn than many homeowners seem to realize. Removing them completely is a must if you hope to avoid the reaccumulation of hair and other debris that led to the clog in the first place. Let us handle your drain cleaning for a job well done.

The Problem with DIY Techniques

Handy as you may be, there are certain jobs that simply require the skill and tools that only professionals possess. Drain cleaning is one of those jobs. Why? Because you need to not only thoroughly remove the clog, but also evaluate the job after its done. We are outfitted to do so.

When you use a chemical drain cleaner, the chances of actually removing a clog entirely are very slim. More likely, the corrosive chemicals will only break up enough of the clog to allow the cleaner and water to pass through it. The remains of that clog will trap items going down the drain in quick order, rebuilding the clog before long.

Snaking out a drain is probably a better option, but it still leaves much to be desired in the hands of an amateur. You run the risk of just forcing the snake through the clog, rather than removing it completely. You may think it’s all gone, but you’ll think again when the parts you left behind are causing a new clog to form.

We have the drain openers and augers necessary to really clean out your drains, not just break up a part of a clog. We also have pipeline inspection equipment that can help us to evaluate the work, if need be. When we clean your drains, the job will be completed effectively

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