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Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas

Serving Bloomington, Champaign & surrounding areas


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Is My Sewer Line Leaking?

The sewer line servicing your property provides a vital function. It’s not something that you want to think about too much, but that pipe’s ability to remove waste and wastewater from your home is truly one of the great modern conveniences. It is for this reason that any problems with one’s sewer line are of such serious concern. If you have any reason at all to suspect a sewer leak on your property, we urge you to dial our number immediately. The sooner that we repair or replace your sewer line, the better off your property will be. Here are a few warning signs that your sewer line in Bloomington, IL may be leaking.

A foul odor is one of the most obvious signs that you have a leak in your sewer line. If you smell sewage in your home, even if you’ve never experienced a leak before, you will not need much time to realize what it is that you are smelling. If you ever notice a sewer odor in your home or on your property, it is wise to schedule professional services immediately.

Lush, rich grass may also indicate that you have a sewer line leak. Now, this may not sound too bad at first. However, it is not the entire lawn that will look lusher and greener, but only those patches in the vicinity of the leak. If you notice this incongruity on your property, contact our plumbers right away.

Frequent clogs could also mean that you have a damaged sewer line. Perhaps tree roots have grown in and are causing blockages, or the pipe has simply collapsed in on itself. Whatever the cause of the problem, it is not one that you should delay in resolving.

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