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Introducing the P-Trap

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

In our journey to be informative for our potential customers, friends, and neighbors, we’d like to talk about some important components of a plumbing system.

When faced with the decision of whether to call for drain cleaning in Champaign, IL, or to try and fix a drain clog yourself, it gets easier when you know how your plumbing system is set up.

This kind of information should be freely available, but the truth is that a lot of amateur plumbers don’t even know the basics behind how a drain system works and why things are set up in a certain way.

Talk to any home inspector or professional plumber and you’ll find out how common it is for these small mistakes to be made which end up ruining the space in someone’s home.

So, why does your drain look like a sideways letter P? It’s simple, but an answer that might give you insight on your next drain cleaning appointment.

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The Biggest Home Disaster to Prepare for

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Unconventional weather events are pretty normal at this point, despite the “unconventional” part. Ice storms, arctic blasts, polar vortexes, and more are starting to cause us to make some life choices when it comes to our houses. As the weather changes, so too must our plumbing strategies.

Luckily, plumbing systems are pretty unique in the fact that they run all-year round despite the weather. A plumbing system isn’t going to run any differently in the winter than it would in the spring, summer, or fall. But you might encounter different problems depending on how the weather turns out.

Before the next arctic blast or polar vortex, we’d like to talk about the elephant in the room–potential frozen pipes in Bloomington. We’ll discuss what they are, how they come about, and why they’re one of the most insidious problems to encounter when you lose power or encounter a sudden temperature drop this winter.

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3 Tips for Your Garbage Disposal Over the Holidays

Monday, December 26th, 2022

Garbage disposal systems are dependable, if anything. Few appliances are really there when we need them, like when we’re going on a cleaning binge and you’ve got several dozens of dishes to wash and they’re all covered in food.

In moments like those, your garbage disposal is going to be your best friend, and it could be the difference between 10 minutes spent with your family before bedtime, and two hours.

Luckily, it takes a lot for a garbage disposal to run into problems. They’re not invulnerable, but they’re pretty strong when compared to other delicate appliances that seem to break down whenever they get bumped or bruised. This blog is going to be all about ways to help your garbage disposal in Downs, IL so that you get the most out of it this holiday season.

And remember, if all else fails, be sure to contact our team of professionals to learn more about how to get your garbage disposal back up and running.

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Melting Snow and a Sump Pump PSA

Monday, December 12th, 2022

Do you fear those days where all the winter snow suddenly melts and causes the whole world outside of your home to become one big puddle?

While we do get our fair share of flash floods, these types of floods can be a lot more insidious because they happen slowly and almost every year at the same time.

Depending on how much snow we get, they can vary in size and scale. If you’re not prepared, you could see your basement flood right before your very eyes.

Sump pumps in Champaign, IL are known to help protect basements from floodwaters. What homeowners might not know is that they can also protect from other occurrences like melting snow and ice. No matter where the water is coming from, it’s likely going to head downwards into your basement, and our team can be the one to help stop it in its tracks!

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Hydro Jetting Vs. Drain Chemicals

Monday, November 14th, 2022

When confronted with a clogged drain, which solution should you choose? It’s true that one of them doesn’t require the aid of a licensed plumber, but that’s not necessarily a good thing in this case. For mild drain clogs, we’d recommend first using a plunger and a drain snake, which are specifically designed to use pressure to remove clogging materials.

However, if you’ve spent hours trying to get rid of a drain clog by plunging it or using a drain snake, then at that point you’re confronted with a problem. Do you call a professional for help? Or do you choose one of the more colorful solutions sitting in the plumbing aisle at the grocery store?

The truth is that you should always go with a plumber for hydro jetting in Champaign, IL, but the reasoning might be surprising to you. Let’s talk about why hydro jetting works.

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Could You Use a Garbage Disposal?

Monday, October 17th, 2022

Garbage disposals are useful tools for homeowners that are looking to improve their drain plumbing, save money on inefficient costs, and also for anyone looking to be more eco-friendly. Some people might think that garbage disposals are kind of an “old invention” since they’ve been around for a while, and tend to remind people of past decades, but the truth is much more complicated than that.

Garbage disposals in Mackinaw, IL are tools, just like plungers and drain snakes might be. They’re useful for certain homeowners and not for others, but the key is figuring out if they’d be helpful for you and worth the cost. This blog post is dedicated to investigating whether or not a garbage disposal might be a good idea for your home, and what some of the unique benefits of this system might be. Keep reading to learn more!

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Professional Drain Cleaning: Is It Worth It?

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

What makes something worth the money? Is it the time you save? Or perhaps it’s the long-term benefits you get from investing in the service? You probably think about this on a regular basis with the various different streaming services offered on our televisions. How much do you need to use something before it becomes worth the cost?

Well, we’d argue that drain cleaning services are even more important to invest in than the various luxury products we pay for. We have yet to meet a family living in a home that doesn’t use their drains on a daily basis, and when those drains get clogged, it can be a nightmare to unclog them again. Drain cleaning in Normal, IL, when offered by a professional, can be fast, effective, and make your life a lot easier.

Before you head to the hardware store to clear that drain clog yourself, read our blog and think about hiring a professional first.

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Burst Pipe Prevention Season

Monday, September 19th, 2022

As temperatures begin to cool, it’s time to look at what can happen to your pipes over time. Yes, changing temperatures means that your exposed plumbing system components can start to freeze. That main water line can run into issues where it connects to your home, especially if your home has problems with circulating heat. And, due to the fact that our weather patterns are constantly changing and breaking new records, we could see record-cold days early this fall.

So, as your expert plumber in the area, we’d like to talk specifically about ways to prevent a burst pipe in Bloomington, IL. Then, we’ll also discuss what you can do if you accidentally encounter one and need support.

Take a deep breath, burst pipes don’t become serious problems until things get cold and start to thaw, so you’ve got plenty of time to insulate your pipes and get in touch with a professional for an upgrade.

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3 Reasons to Get a Sump Pump This Fall

Monday, September 5th, 2022

Sump pumps are usually associated with spring in our area because that’s when the snow and ice melt, leading to constant floods which can be devastating for a home. However, we deal with floods on a regular basis throughout the spring, summer, and even in the fall. In fact, the falling debris like leaves and sticks can cause clogs in our storm drainage systems which can lead to periodic flooding in certain areas. This is why we want to talk about installing sump pumps in Champaign, IL throughout the fall.

In truth, sump pumps are protective systems that are great for the whole year. That one winter day where temperatures rise above freezing and the snow quickly turns into flooding waters can be mitigated entirely with the help of a sump pump. And if your basement is just more prone to being flooded, either because of its relative depth or because of abnormal storm and weather patterns, then a sump pump is going to be a huge help.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Garbage Disposals

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

Garbage disposals–where would we be without them? They’re perhaps one of the most underrated technological advancements of the past century, and we’re constantly surprised by how many customers are reminded that they even exist. They’re powerful systems that help make your home more efficient and easier to use, all with just a minimal amount of electricity that you’d barely notice the impact on your energy bill.

That being said, since garbage disposals are making a bit of a comeback in younger, more efficiently-minded homeowners, we’d like to touch base on some of the “dos” and “don’ts” of garbage disposals in Leroy, IL. Specifically, we need to talk about the relevant safety measures to keep in mind while also talking about the materials that are meant to be flushed down the disposal.

Don’t worry, we promise that after this blog post, you’ll know everything you need to for your very own garbage disposal installation!

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