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Efficient Water Heating: Tank and Heat Pump Systems

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Hot water is not something that you can do without in your home. Every time you wash the dishes, do your laundry, or take a hot, relaxing shower on a winter day, you are depending upon your water heater in Bloomington, IL. To guarantee that your water heater is there for you when you need it, you need both a great system and great services.

Of course, you aren’t really going to be totally satisfied with a water heater that costs too much to run, even if it is working reliably. Fortunately for homeowners today, there are some truly exceptional options when it comes to water heater efficiency. The tankless water heater and the heat pump water heater are two such examples.

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Is Professional Drain Cleaning Really Necessary?

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Only if you want great, lasting results. Yes, we know that there are plenty of drain cleaners that you can buy at the local hardware store. Yes, we understand that there are online tutorials that can inform you of how to do the job. The fact of the matter is, however, that there is nothing more effective than scheduling professional drain cleaning in Bloomington, IL.

Drain clogs are a lot more stubborn than many homeowners seem to realize. Removing them completely is a must if you hope to avoid the reaccumulation of hair and other debris that led to the clog in the first place. Let us handle your drain cleaning for a job well done.

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Tank Water Heaters and Standby Energy Loss

Monday, December 12th, 2016

There are many appliances hard at work in most modern homes, but few can be found working consistently as hard as the water heater. Think about all of the tasks around the house that require the use of hot water, from simply washing your hands and showering to doing the laundry and washing the dishes. Clearly, you need to know that you’ll have all of the hot water that you need, whenever you may need it.

Now, the tank water heater is what most homeowners probably think of when they envision a water heater. There is nothing wrong with using a tank water heater. They are dependable, and they are affordable. They are also subject to standby energy loss, though, which is not a problem when you choose a tankless water heater in Bloomington, IL.

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Why Might a Sump Pump Fail?

Monday, December 5th, 2016

We are moving into the winter season, and around here that means snow and freezing temperatures. Of course, the occasional thaw is bound to happen, along with the big one at the end of the season. Whether heavy rains or major snowmelt, you don’t want water flooding your basement. If you have issues with water infiltrating  the lowest level of your home, you need your sump pump in Bloomington, IL to do its job.

Unfortunately, there is no way in which to guarantee that you will never encounter operational problems of any kind with your sump pump. In fact, chances are that you’ll run into an issue at some point. Here are a few of the more common causes of sump pump failure.

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